10 Tips To Settle In At Your New Golf Club

Have you ever joined a golf club and struggled to initially settle in or feel that you are a part of it?

Here’s ten tips I think will help you settle into your new surroundings.


1-      Make an effort- Take time out to have a walk around the club introducing yourself to the more senior members of the club. Ask questions and try and start up some conversations.


2-      Join a group- If you’re playing on your own and there’s a group of 2 or 3 behind, ask them if yodownload (24)u can join them. Also if you see someone about to tee off on his own, ask them if they want to join you.


3-      Etiquette- Early on, make sure that if you’re playing with others, to follow the rules. While on the green make sure to mark your ball and not walk through someone’s line. Be sure to avoid any golfing tantrums too! If you show good etiquette from the start, you’ll settle in quickly.


 4-      Get your handicap- Play a few rounds with a friend and get them to sign your scorecards. Once you have three signed you can get your official handicap and can work on lowering it after every round.


5-      Enter a club competition- There’s no better way to meet people on the course than playing a competition. Now you have your handicap your eligible to play in a club competition and meet some new players.


6-      Buy a round- After your game make your way to the clubhouse and get a round in for whoever you’ve been playing with. Might mean you get a few bought for you next time you play and will make a good early impression.


7-      Avoid slow play- Slow play is one of the worst things to occur while playing a round. If you’re playing a round, make sure you keep a steady pace and not have people waiting behind you for too long.


8-      Get on the putting green- You don’t just have to turn up and get on the course. Take time to go on the practice putting green with other players. Always a good way to start up a conversation, especially when you miss a 2-footer!


 9-      Appearance- Make sure you look the part. Don’t turn up on the 1st tee with an untucked shirt and trainers. Having a smart appearance will only help you make a good impression, especially if you rip one off the tee too!


10-   Finally…play well! – Much easier said than done, but there’s no better way to settle into a new golf club than playing well. If you shoot a good score and knock in a few 20-foot birdie putts you’ll settle in straight away. Everyone will want to play a round or two with you.


Tiger Woods’ withdraws from The Farmers Insurance Open

World number 56 Tiger Woods’ has withdrawn from The Farmers Insurance Open after just 11 holes, with a recurring back problem.

Woods’ started the day with two bogeys in his opening four holes, a birdie at the 16th (his 7th hole) and finished on the 3rd green after a double bogey at the 2nd (his 11th hole). Woods’ looked in discomfort all day and playing partner Billy Horschel was picking Woods’ tee up after every tee shot to save the 14-time major champion from bending down to pick it up. A sorry sight.

Woods' 3rd withdrawal in his last 8 events.

Woods’ 3rd withdrawal in his last 8 events.

Despite clearly being in agony and flying his ball everywhere but down the middle, it was astonishing that he was level par after 10 holes. The only thing that Woods’ can take out of these few hours are that his putting was pretty tidy and saved him on about five occasions today.

Woods’played down his injury and said after his round, ” It’s just my glutes shutting off. They don’t activate, hence it goes into my lower back”

Where now for Woods’? Well he needs to go away and recover, if t’s just a case of needing to loosen the back up then we should be seeing him back pretty quickly. But with the way his game is at the moment it may be best for Woods’ to take a couple weeks off and work this new swing out, especially with Augusta just around the corner.